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The New Horizon Bank Plc (NH Bank) is designed to facilitate the process of utilizing “value” (in the form of collateral, cash, or assets), converting that value into new funds (using structured trade programs), and applying the new funds to projects that generate economic, environmental and social benefits, thus adding tangible value to the community. These services will be provided in parallel with the existing global financial system.

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  • Establish multi-currency international banking account arrangements with a major international banking group so that the NHBank can manage the NHBank Trust assets, and the Project Holding Accounts located in as many countries as possible so that project holding accounts are located in the same jurisdiction as the funded project.

  • There are several banks that can potentially meet the above requirements, such as UBS, DBS and Royal Bank of Canada, to name a few. Logically, at least three banks initially, will be required to act as Correspondent Banks to NHBank and should have operations in at least 3 zones, namely:

    • North, South and Central America plus the Caribbean​​​

    • Europe, Middle East Russia and Africa

    • Central Asia, SE Asia, China and Oceania​​

  • Implement an off-the-shelf banking system to manage the transactions described above. This solution assumes that the off-the-shelf solution will be implemented and operated by the vendor under contract. Although there are a limited number of options available, this approach will get NHBank up and running at scale as soon as possible.

  • Implement SWIFT services and/or interface the off-the-shelf banking system with one or more of the Correspondent Banks identified above, and

  • Commence operations.


  • The NHBank will implement a project to create/establish proprietary data center/s to operate the off-the-shelf solution (described below) on a private cloud operated by system and network management staff employed by the bank.

  • Employ a development team to code any software modifications required to tailor the solution, and

  • Integrate the ERP1 software with the upgraded banking solution so that there is an end to the visibility of all stages.

    • Management of collateral accounts, and project holding accounts,

    • Monetization of gold and financial instruments,

    • Trading new financial instruments,

    • Structured Trade Programs,

    • Asset Management of the funds generated from trading,

    • Regulatory reporting of project expenditure/completion, and

    • Banking and financial services in relation to the above.

The Structure


  • Establish a bank with a corporate structure that includes an incorporated entity limited by shares, managed by a Board of Directors with management and operational responsibility for the day-to-day activities, combined with a trust that is controlled by separate trustees and shareholders who have invested in the trust,

  • The New Horizon Bank PLC (“NHBank”) has been incorporated using an international blockchain registration process that enables the NHBank to operate globally without oversight of in-country laws and regulations. In order to address this particular matter, the NHBank submits to the Model Laws, as defined by the United Nations Commission for International Trade and Law (UNICTRAL) and will operate in accordance with the relevant sections of the Basel Framework as provided by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS).

  • Establish at least one trade desk or contract with one or more existing trading entities to manage the Structured Trade Programs contemplated by the primary objective.

  • An arrangement with the ANZ Bank Treasury has already been established. Securities accounts have been established with ANZ Banking Group and the Bank of Tonga Securities accounts can be opened in any bank that offers treasury services and operates international trade desks.

  • NHBank plans to implement the NetSuite Software Suite, an ERP[1] Solution (also operated by Oracle Software) and make it a mandatory requirement that every project funded via the activities of the NHBank can be tracked and audited in real-time to meet the regulatory compliance requirements and ensure the correct application of the funds invested in each project.

  • All of the above technologies are cloud-based so that the end-to-end solution that NHBank implements can be delivered anywhere in the world in real-time.

  • By implementing only, the essential banking software components on a cloud-based platform fully integrated with at least 3 major international banks, plus contracting the trading services of the ANZ Bank and implementing the SWIFT Access Service NHBank will have all of the key services available, as soon as the possible, and

  • NHBank then plans to commence the software development required to adapt, tailor, and integrate all of the components and software required to provide a wholesale banking/ERP solution that can be operated in parallel to the current global banking system.


[1] ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning

  • NH Bank is also investigating the SWIFT Access Services offered by Bottomline Technologies.



  • NH Bank has banking arrangements in place with the following International Banks, in London, New York, and Singapore, namely:

    • TBA.

    • TBA, and

    • TBA

  • NH Bank is planning to use the SWIFT products and services for financial messaging and financial transactions and payments until such time that the Quantum Financial System is available,

  • NH Bank has entered into a commercial arrangement with the Tonga Development Bank (“TDB”) which enables NH Bank to operate under TBD’s Australian banking license, and

  • NH Bank has set up Security Accounts with Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) and has reached an agreement with the ANZ Bank to use their trade desk to execute the trading of new financial instruments.

IT Systems

  • NH Bank is currently analyzing the software systems provided by:

    • BanCorp Trust as part of their International Banking Solution and

    • Oracle Banking Platform.

  • NH Bank is currently leaning towards the Oracle Banking Platform (a componentized solution) and the NH Bank only needs to implement selected components to deliver all of the services that it is planning to offer. Some users of the Oracle banking System are Citi Group, Deutsche Bank and, JP Morgan Chase to name a few.

  • NHBank has identified the Oracle Banking Platform as the off-the shelf banking solution of choice.

  • Some users of the Oracle Banking Platform are Citi Group, Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan Chase to name a few.

  • NHBank is also investigating the SWIFT Access Services offered by Bottomline Technologies.​​

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