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US Dollar notes

The Purpose of OITC

Emblem of OITC & UNOITC Organisations

The centralized wealth of Governments that was gathered pursuant to the Gold Act in 1933-1934 and the subsequent actions undertaken during World War II by both the German and Japanese Armies today forms what is known as the International Collateral Combined Accounts, sometimes referred to as the Global Debt Facility or simply the Global Accounts. 

​From a technical point of view, the stored assets of gold and other metals, of land, and general wealth that have intrinsic value, by law are owned by all Nations and that value is centralized and then book entered in off-ledger accounts against which on-ledger accounts are substantiated and underwritten. The amount in off-ledger accounts is vastly more than the amount in on-ledger accounts. 

​There are thousands of these off-ledger accounts. Some of these accounts are held by various signatories and holders, many of them believe that because they are signatories or holders they own the assets.  This is not so.  The assets are owned and controlled by OITC under International Treaty Agreements.  OITC are the Heirs and Owners of the Collateral Accounts because there must be an owner in order to pledge the assets as only an owner can pledge the assets. That is a legal matter. These Collateral Accounts underpin the Global Reserve Currency, which is the United States Dollar. The United States Dollar in turn underpins all other Currencies. The control of these accounts is both rigid and permitted only through the Institutional Parent Registration Accounts that underpin the Federal Reserve and all Central Banks, who in turn provide the surety of hard collateral granted by OITC. The collateral owner and signatory appointed by the World Governments is His Excellency, Dr. Ray C. Dam.

​An example to demonstrate the importance of the Combined Collateral Accounts in World Commerce we see why there must be a collateral owner when for example considering a mortgage. There must always be value behind money, because if not, then money has no value. When buying a house or a car, in taking a loan from a bank, there must be surety for the value of a loan, for both Principal and Interest. When we borrow money to buy property, the property itself is surety only up to the value of the property, but surety is also needed to cover the interest component of the loan, which in a 30-year mortgage, may be as much or more than the value of the property purchased. While you never know it or see it, the surety for the interest cost is provided by the Combined Collateral Accounts. This is because the interest component is new money. New money is not created out of thin air as many believe, but like all money, new money must have value or hard collateral behind it to guarantee its value. This is because OITC owns the funds that underwrite the United States Dollar, and in turn, the United States Dollar underwrites all other currencies.

To understand this more clearly, the United States Dollar is the Global Reserve Currency, It has nothing to do with the economy of the United States of America, It is neither issued nor owned by the United States of America. It is owned by the Federal System.

To provide that surety, someone must authorize the Banks to use that collateral and by law, only the Owner of the collateral can do that. If the Collateral Accounts never had a legal owner, then borrowing money from a bank would be very difficult as the property you buy would not be sufficient value as collateral, but you would need additional value to cover the interest cost. The reason you do not have to provide the collateral to cover the interest. This is because OITC/UNOITC does that for you. When you sign the Promissory Note that is inherent in every mortgage or loan that is taken from a Bank, OITC/UNOITC is the provider of surety and guarantor and therefore, they are the ones who guarantee your loan to Banks.

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